First of all,

I want you guys to know that I was a fan of the game some years ago. Well, actually, I’ve only played “World of Warcraft, even though I know it’s based on the Warcraft games.

As a fan, I was pleased with this movie. Was it a great movie? No, but I really enjoyed it, and although the movie critics are giving this movie bad ratings, I still believe it’s a good/decent movie. Just don’t compare it to Lord of the Rings, or else I think you will be disappointed …

This movie was directed by Duncan Jones, where I only heard good things about it. Personally, I’ve only seen “Moon” and thought it was a great movie, but Warcraft is still a totally different type of film, so I was still a bit doubtful if the movie was going to be any good. The trailers didn’t totally convince me, but in the end, the film turned out to be better than I expected.

Overall I loved the movie and the story they were going for, but these movies had its flaws. These are the pros:
– The orcs were the best thing about this movie. Durotan was my favorite character in this movie. He was the best-developed character and had some emotional value.
– The conflicts: not only was it a conflict between the humans and the orcs as expected. There was also a conflict between the orcs. Durotan seemed to understand that, and that’s what made his character so enjoyable.
– The battles: I wouldn’t want to be smashed by one of those orcs. Absolutely loved the fighting style of the orcs. They are brute and robust, not a race who you want to go up against.
– The magic: before entering the theater, I was afraid that the magic wasn’t going to work for the movie, but it did. I bought into it, I loved the spells and thought they were executed pretty well.
– The easter eggs: as a fan, I was pleased with all the easter eggs. It gave me some nostalgia.

As said before, this movie had some flaws, too:
– The pacing was off … Sometimes it jumped from scene to scene. Although it’s a hard movie to pace because of all the characters, I still believe it could have been better.
– Some of the humans were miscast. I thought Ben Schnetzer wasn’t that great as Khadgar, I rather had someone else playing the role. Even Dominic Cooper, as the king wasn’t that great. It felt like he was wearing cosplay and wasn’t really a fan of his performance. The biggest miscast, in my opinion, was Lothar’s son. He was just a “pretty” boy in a suit and couldn’t care less about his character.
– I liked Lothar as a character but thought he lacked something. I kinda wished I was more attached than I would have been. Also, I didn’t buy any of his relationships with the other characters (Garona and his son).

My rating for this movie: 6/10

What did you think about this movie?