Movie Plot –  Alita Battle Angel: A professor found a deactivated cyborg and revived it, but cannot remember a thing. This is the story about Alita Battle Angel.

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Writers: James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis
Cast: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly

I finally got to watch the James Cameron movie “Alita – Battle Angel”! A lot of my friends recommended me to watch this one. And yes, James Cameron is the guy behind the movie Avatar, one of the highest grossing movies ever

The “Alita Battle Angel” manga, the source material!

I’ve done some research on Alita Battle Angel because I heard it was based on a Japanese manga series. It’s named initially Gunnm, which means “gun dream.” The English translated version is as we know it: “Battle Angel Alita.” The manga was published from 1990 until 1995. That took me by surprise! For some kind of reason, I thought it was a new manga. I’m glad that I did some research after watching the movie.

The manga readers will probably get a different movie experience. I’ve never read the manga and felt like I was missing out on some stuff. If you’re one of the readers, you’ll have more backstory knowledge. I felt like I needed more information about this world.

Astounding visuals, great special effects!

The CGI is impressive! Some action scenes are well created. They’ve made a magnificent world with the separation of the higher and lower class. We only get to see the lower class (the scrapyard) part of this world. That increases my curiosity to discover the city in the sky.

Alita isn’t the only cyborg in this world. There are plenty of other different ones. The design combined with the special effect is splendid. I love how they can use different skills, specifications, and designs. There are so many options for introducing new characters. Alita and Zapan (Ed Skrein) were my favorite cyborgs when it comes to their looks/design.

The action scenes in Alita Battle Angel are amazing. Those were, for me, the best part of the Alita Battle Angel movie. They were so well executed and got me on the edge of my seat. Alita is a force to be reckoned with, and she never gives up. One moment, I thought to myself: “now it’s the time to retreat,” but she didn’t. She still kicked ass when all the favors were turning against her.

Alita Battle Angel Motorball
Alita Battle Angel Motorball

Let’s not forget about MOTORBALL! For some kind of reason, I love it when a movie incorporates a new fictional sport in it. I remember as a kid, I loved to play the quidditch game on Nintendo. Imagine if we had this game on our consoles now! The visuals during the match were a pleasure to my eyes. There are good action scenes, deadly violence, and excitement.

The lack of good storytelling

The visuals in this movie are great, but it has some narrative issues. I wasn’t that invested in the story as I wish I would be. As someone who’s never read the manga, I felt like I was missing out on some of the information. Alita Battle Angel should have been a TV series to show it’s full potential. The only downside with a TV show is that there is less budget for special effects compared to making a movie. When something is too large to be told in a film, it feels like a short resume. I rather have the full story …

I know a lot of people didn’t feel the romance between Alita and Hugo. For me, it was actually “okay.” I didn’t hate it, I actually “liked” it. The idea of a romance between a cyborg and a human was acceptable for me in this world.

Alita Battle Angel cast

There were some excellent casting choices in Alita Battle Angel, but some of them were underused.

  • Rosa Salazar (Alita): perfect choice for the role. She had some kind of innocence vibe to her character while still being strong. She maybe has big eyes, but you still can recognize the actress.
  • Christopher Waltz (Dr. Dyson Ido): Christopher Waltz is always the right casting choice!
  • Jennifer Connely (Shiren): she was underused. I wish we knew more about her character. I felt no connection to her at all.
  • Mahershala Ali (Vector): he was also an underused character. In the end, he felt like a thrown away character.
Amazing visuals that are worth watching in 3D.


I am excited for the sequel!

I wasn’t entirely pleased by this movie because of the lack of story. I’m still excited for the second movie even though I wish this movie were better than I expected.

I do love the concept and art. That’s probably why I still want to see the next movie!