Movie Plot – El Camino: this is an immediate followup on the epic Breaking Bad Tv Show. We follow Jesse Pinkman as he flees from his captors and the law.

El Camino, a Breaking Bad Spinoff

My favorite tv show of all time is without a doubt, “Breaking Bad.” First of all, if you haven’t watched the show, then I recommend you to watch this ASAP. You can watch the tv show and the movie on Netflix right now! I never expected that they would make a film after the show. El Camino is the movie we didn’t know we needed.

El Camino feels precisely like “Breaking Bad,” and this is how it should be. The story is about what happens with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) right after the ending of the tv show. His dealing with getting out of the crime life he built with Walter White (Bryan Cranston). Vince Gilligan saw potential in this. I understand why he made El Camino because there was still a little story to be told.

El Camino Breaking bad

The evolution of Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman had changed because of his trauma when he was in a cage in the last season. He’s not the chill guy with his famous sentences that end with “yeah, bitch.” The pain he had to go through transformed him into a new person that wants to get out of this life and build a new one. So he’s taking this very seriously and is willing to do everything to achieve that goal. Aaron Paul brings this character to life. His performance as Pinkman is outstanding.

What I admire in these kinds of films is the character development. You get to see how a young “wannabe” drug dealer turns into a silent guy that knows so much of this business. He knows about all the bad stuff that gets along with it. That knowledge gives him the right mindset to go forward.

Vince Gilligan, the mastermind!

If you watch the movie, be sure to check the cinematography! The way they use the camera angles is brilliant. Vince Gilligan filming this feels like art to me. Simply amazing!

I still have to watch “Better Call Saul.” I’m going to give it a shot and leave a review on that show too.