Movie Plot – Vertigo (1958): a former police detective wrestles with his fear of heights. In an investigation, he becomes obsessed with a beautiful woman.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writers: Alec Coppel, Samuel A. Taylor
Cast: James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes

Collider Movie Talk recommends Vertigo

Collider Movie talk has posted a 100 Must-See – List that I intend to follow. I’m not going to watch the entire list because some of them I’ve already seen, but there are a lot of them that I haven’t seen yet. If anyone is interested in the list, I will put the link right here:

To start off, I’ve chosen a random movie out of it, which is “Vertigo.” I’ve already seen some films by Alfred Hitchcock, and I must say I’m a fan!

Let’s talk about Vertigo

The movie Vertigo (1958) starts out with a pursuit of rooftops where the main character “John “Scottie” Ferguson“ jumps from one rooftop to the other, but he slips and almost fell to his death. Luckily his hand still had a grip on the border of the roof. At this moment, he gets a fear of height, hence the name “Vertigo.” A cop tried to help him, but unfortunately, he fell down and died. Now John has to live with the burden of a dead cop on his shoulders while having a trauma about heights.

Later in the movie, a friend of Scottie asks him to investigate his wife. His friend assumes his wife is being possessed by a dead person. Scottie agrees and starts following his wife Madeleine to investigate. Madeleine drove near the bay where Scottie followed her and sees her throwing herself into the bay. He jumps after her to save her life. After saving her, he begins to fall for her, but there is some mystery surrounding Madeleine …

Enough for the short resume, I’m not going to spoil anything more. This movie is a must-see as Collider has recommended. The mystery keeps you interested, and the approach of the characters is really well done. The procedure of love in this movie is a bit twisted in my own opinion, but it adds to the movie experience!

Be sure to check this movie out.