Eli is a new horror movie that is available on Netflix right now. Be sure to check out the Eli movie trailer if you’re interested!

What is the movie Eli about?

A boy named “Eli” has a rare auto-immune disorder, which makes him allergic to everything. He cannot go outside; otherwise, he will get his skin burned. His parents are taking him to another house where he can get proper treatment for his disorder. The location is medically sealed and clean. These measures are necessary for Eli his protection. Later on, Eli discovers that the place is not what it seems to be.

Charlie Shotwell is the kid actor that plays “Eli.” It’s the first time I’ve seen him play in a movie and he is fantastic. He has done an excellent job of portraying his character. You can read all the emotions of fear and frustration on his face. This is what I call, “Good Acting.”

Not that scary

The movie isn’t as frightening I expect it would be. The most terrifying parts for me were already in the movie trailer. The jump scares always get me, but maybe they won’t work on you. I get scared very quickly when it comes to horror movies.

Only one scene was violent, but it was still watchable. Sometimes gore can be unbearable for some people. This won’t be the case for most people.

Third part: unexpected

I thought I’ve predicted the plot of the movie during the first part, but I was wrong. Only my prediction of the motives of the ghosts was right. The third part of this film will surprise you. The movie did a great job of keeping you guessing on what it’s about. I liked that it surprised me, but I do not know if I like the twist at the end.

Eli Movie trailer



I hope you enjoyed my Eli movie review. Did you love the twist of the movie?

My rating for this movie is 5.5/10