Movie Plot – Doctor Sleep: The sequel of “The shining” follows Dan Torrance (Ewan McGregor), the boy on the three-wheeler.  In this world, some people have powers, and Dan calls it “the shining.” A cult named “The True Knot” is hunting on young children with these gifts to remain immortal.  Dan finds out that a girl with similar powers is in danger. He decides to become a better man and helps her out to get away from these people.

The movie is based on the best-selling book “Doctor Sleep” by Stephen King. IT is another one of his books that had a movie adaptation.

Director: Mike Flanagan
Writers: Stephen King, Mike Flanagan (screenplay)
Cast: Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Kyliegh Curran


Ewan McGregor shines as Doctor Sleep!

This film is not about scares but more about its characters. The way they deal with specific situations. Dan Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor, is a damaged person by his trauma of the past. He uses alcohol as a way to get out of his thoughts.

The more the movie progresses, the more Dan wants to become a better person. There are moments in the hospital that he is talking to people that are dying. This was a nice touch to the humanity of his character.

Not only is he trying to help others, but he is also looking for help himself. He reaches out to others because he needs someone he can trust.

This proves that a horror movie can also feel human. It shouldn’t always be about the scares and the deaths.

Rose the hat and the cult

Rebecca Furgeson plays Rose the hat, a strong, intelligent woman. We get a lot of screentime to understand her motives. We, as an audience, understand why she is hunting those kids. It is not merely for the pleasure of killing them. Does it justify her actions? Absolutely not! She is still a very evil woman that is out there for herself. So is the rest of the cult. Their objectives are for their own self-interests.

She and the others are not the kinds of people you want to encounter as a kid. Her cult is always looking for new children that shines to feed on. They are cruel and not afraid to torture a kid. This cult is about themself against the rest of the world. Their primary purpose is to keep on living.

And just as a side note. Can we all agree that Rebecca is really a beauty!

The new kid, “Abra Stone.”


Kyliegh Curran, her acting is incredible

She plays the role of a kid who shines even more than Dan. Her powers are enormous, but it also puts her life in danger.  While she is still trying to figure out her skills, she communicates with Dan by using it. Thus they start to create a new friendship between them. This relationship and the will protect each other feels very human and real.

She got me hooked to see her back on the screen.


This sequel does not disappoint and is a must-see if you loved “the shining.” Not only is it a horror movie, but it has a good story. You feel a connection with these characters and their struggles.

4 stars