Are you wondering what movies you can watch for Christmas? 

With Christmas right around the corner, I’m giving you my 7 suggestions for everyone to enjoy. Topazzi covered different genres such as action, comedy, and romance. After all, everyone is different.

The list is in no particular order.

A Christmas movies list


Home alone

Nothing beats a classic family movie like Home Alone. As a child, I used to rewatch this movie every Christmas.

Kevin has been forgotten by his family during Christmas vacation. He is left alone in his house. On top of that, a pair of burglars are trying to break in and he must find a way to protect himself.

This hilarious film may not seem like the perfect Christmas fare, but some sweet scenes will remember you of the true Christmas spirit.

Love actually

Love, actually

Looking for some Christmas movie with a lot of romance? “Love, Actually” should be your go-to!

A multi-narrative film with an ensemble of stars cannot be denied in this list. This movie had an impact on holiday films over the past decade.

Besides that, this movie is one of the best romantic Christmas movies. The many different stories are lovely and full of warmth. You will have your heart melt by the end of the film.



Klaus is the newest Original Animated Netflix Movie.

A new take has been brought to the origin of Santa. Discover the lovely friendship between Jesper the mailman and Klaus.

Together they created some iconic Christmas symbols.

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die hard

Die Hard

Not your typical holiday movie, but Die Hard takes place during Christmas.

John McClane (Bruce Willis) is battling terrorists by himself. One can argue about whether or not it’s a Christmas movie, I surely love the thrilling and exciting scenes.

Yipikaye motherfuckers!



Are you a fan of Will Ferrel? If the answer is “HELL YEAH”, Elf is the perfect movie for you!

A clownish orphan is raised by Santa and his Elves in the Nort Pole. He goes on a journey to locate his biological father in the Big Apple.

This will surely delight the whole family and expect some unforgettable funny movie quotes!

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Jingle All the Way

Everyone wants the perfect present for his child! But what happens if the hottest toy in town is hard to get?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character is a busy parent who lets his young son down. This Christmas, he made him a promise to get him the Turbo-Man action figure!

But he is not the only one looking for this toy.

Bad Santa

Bad Santa

Not everyone loves Christmas. Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) plans to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. Together with his partner, they pose as Santa and his little helper.

Eventually, they run into some problems. Willie has accidentally befriended a troubled kid.

“Bad Santa” is the best black Christmas comedy movie ever! This movie will keep you laughing.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

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