Finding yourself wondering what movie to watch next? Are you scrolling through your Netflix account, but still do not know what to pick? Here are three methods that you can imply to pick your next movie.

Method 1: another actor, another movie

This method is fun and straightforward. You start with a film of your liking, or if you do not know what to chose right now, remember the last movie you have seen.

I am going to pick “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” as an example. With this method, I have to choose an actor that I like. In this case, I’m going for Adam Driver. Therefore, my next movie will be one with him in it. My next pick would be “Marriage Story.”

But, once I’ve seen the next movie, my choice will be based on another actor/actress. In “Marriage Story,” you also have “Scarlett Johansson.” So my next one will be with her.

You do not have to opt for the main cast, it can also be another support character. It’s one of the great methods to pick your next movie.

Method 2: SOON

I often use this method. You probably told yourself many times that you want to watch a particular movie. But in the end, you have never seen it. We have all been there.

Soon is an app, it is actually a “Bucket List” application. The app has different categories: Movies/ Restaurants/ Tv Series/ Hotels/ Place/ etc . I only use this application for movies and books because I find the rest quite limited.

I add a film to my app every time I might be interested to see it. This gives me a list of everything I want to see.

Optional: I like to randomize my list. I use a randomizer on the net and let it pick my movie on my app.