Movie Plot – Paddington: A young family-friendly bear travels from Peru to London in search of a home. Once arrived, he feels lost and alone as everyone is ignoring him. Except for one kind family, the Browns, who offer him a place to stay.

Director: Paul King
Writers: Paul King, Hamish McColl
Cast: Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Ben Whishaw

Michael Bond created Paddington

The Paddington Bear is a fictional character in children’s literature and Michael Bond created it. Its first appearance was on 13 October 1958 in a book named “A Bear Called Paddington.”

The bear was named after the station where the Browns found him, Paddington Station. And yes, it is a real station in London.

Furthermore,  Paddington Bear has been adapted for television cartoons, films and appeared in commercials.

Paddington, the bear

What’s so brilliant in this movie is the magical feeling we get. We come to see Paddington, a family-friendly bear who feels real. He does not come over like a puppet or a CGI Character. Instead, he fits well among all other characters. It just feels right.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want a Paddington teddy bear in their house?

Entertaining for all audiences

Obviously, this is a kid’s movie, but this will even appeal to the older generation.

If you grew up loving the children series, you would be honored to find out this charming and delightful. It’s a lot of fun comedy without too many pop culture references.

The family Brown is sweet and warm. Even Nicole Kidman is interesting as the villain for having a real story

Paddington is the perfect little family film.

It’s not only a lovely, fun and enjoyable film. It also shares a great message about accepting and welcoming those who need care because they have nowhere to go.  There should be more Brown families in the world.

3.5 stars