Who are the movie directors of Bad Boys for life? Well, they are Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah who are Belgian film and television directors. The duo is known for writing and directing movies together.

With the success of Bad Boys 3, I felt like writing about them because they are from my country. And I’m always amazed when someone makes it into Hollywood without being born in an English speaking country.

Anybody can reach their dreams with the proper dedication and hard work.

The filmmakers are known in Belgium for writing and directing the feature films Image (2014), Black (2015), and Patser (2018). They also made some short films and a few tv shows episodes.

The two friends went to film school together. Together they worked on a short film named “Broeders” in 2011, which was acclaimed by critics.

All of their movies (before Bad Boys 3) were in Dutch. Well, not entirely because there was also some French dialogue. Movies like “Image” and “Black” takes place in Brussels, where both languages are spoken. So, it makes total sense to include another language.

Image movie directors of Bad Boys for life

Adil and Bilall’s debut film is named “Image.”

It’s about a young journalist named Eva, who is filming a documentary about the shady stuff happening in Brussels. But, she gets involved in the gangster life of a young Moroccan guy.

Black movie directors of Bad Boys for life

“Black” was the movie that a lot of youngsters have seen in Belgium. It’s the one that skyrocketed the popularity of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

You can compare the story to “Romeo and Juliet,” but in a much darker, grittier tone.

A fifteen-year-old girl in a black gang must choose between loyalty or her love for a boy from the rival gang.

This film shocked people because of some bloody and violent scenes. It left the audience speechless when leaving the movie theatre.

“Black” got prizes in the film festival of Toronto. People started to contact the duo to work in Hollywood. Even Will Smith saw their work.

Patser movie directors of Bad Boys for life

You may have guessed it by now, Adil and Bilal sure do love to make gangster movies.

In 2018,  Patser got released. Or if you translate it to English, “Gangsta.”

The movie setts of in Antwerp for a change. Four dealer friends want to become real-life gangsters. Together they decide to steal a shipment of cocaine, but this got out of hand quickly. A war has been triggered between them and other criminal drug lords and cartels.

There are actually subtitles for this movie. I’ll leave a trailer down below.

Next stop: International

Thanks to their fame, they finally made it to Hollywood with their first blockbuster movie. They became the movie directors of “Bad Boys For Life.”

What I have seen from the “behind-the-scene videos,” I can tell that they had a lot of fun time making the movie. Obviously, this does not come as a surprise. Working with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence must be a dream come true.

And their career has just begun, they have been rumored to direct the next Beverly Hills Cops 4 movie. Although, Netflix bought the movie rights over. But they’re still on it! Well, they actually already got announced some years ago, but there were still a lot of uncertainties.

That’s it for now! I’m hoping that they get more films to direct because they deserve it! And I’ll be looking forward to them.

Last but not least, I’ll drop a fun interview of them down below: