Did you notice all the easter eggs in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie? Well, if you haven’t, I made the perfect list for you.

I will sum up all the easter eggs you could have missed during the film.


Do not read this post if you want to avoid spoilers.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Easter Eggs


The SEGA Intro

The intro sequence is a homage to the 1991 title screen. The opening song is played by a 7band named Hyper Potions, who made the song for the 2017s Sonic Mania.

Green Hills

Sonic’s Locations

Sonic the Hedgehog mentions a lot of locations inspired by the games.

To begin with, the place where the movie opens is the Green Hill zone, level 1 in the games. When Sonic travels to Earth, he lives in the town of Green Hills.

While he’s living there, he settles in a cave off Hill Top Road, which is a reference to the Hill Top Zone.

If Sonic is ever in any trouble, he is told to travel to the Mushroom World. This is most likely a reference to the Mushroom Zone.

Even San Francisco is inspired by the City Escape stage of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.


The Echidnas

The creatures that attacked Sonic’s sanctuary, in the beginning, are known as the Echidnas.

These are dreadlocked animals who serve as major Sonic villains. The most famous one is Knuckles, of the Knuckles clan. The ones of “the Sonic Hedgehog” appear to originate from the Nocturnus clan. They’re known to be rulers of the Twilight Cage.

Sonic’s Map Of Worlds

The maps of worlds contain a couple of Easter Eggs. Longclaw gave the map to Sonic in the beginning of the movie.

The most significant one was the chaos emerald. Throughout the Sonic’s series, the Chaos Emeralds have been the center of a lot of worlds.

They are powerful, and in the hands of the wrong person, they can be used for doomsday weapons and world domination.

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Sonic’s Power/ Spin attack

We all know Sonic to be a super-speedster. However, as the film continues, his skill set expands. Like in the games, he can roll into a ball and hit stuff to damage them.

Even more powerful, when things get emotional, he supercharges in an explosive burst. I call this the Sonic’s Super Saiyan mode. This is clearly inspired by his energy spikes he can project of the game.


Flash Comics

The world’s famous speedster must be the Flash of DC Comics.

Sometimes Sonic occupies himself by reading Flash Comics, which makes sense, as he is a speedster too.

Sonic’s Hobbies/ stuff 

In the Sonic The Hedgehog movie, a lot of easter eggs are shown in his hobbies and stuff.

He is a lonely figure in this film, and therefore he needs to entertain himself. He practices with nunchucks, he wears a headband with the classic Sonic logo on it.

There was a lot of fan debate whether Sonic is right or left-handed. While he was playing Baseball, he refers to himself as a Southpaw. In other words, he confirms he is left-handed. One of the t-shirts he wore during the baseball game was marked with “SV,” presumably referring to the Sunshine Valley Zone.


Sonic’s Rings

This is probably the most apparent easter egg of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

In all games, Sonic has to collect rings to get points and stay alive. You lose rings when you get hit, and when if you lost all the rings, it was game over. Sometimes when you collected enough rings, a giant ring appeared at the end of the level for a bonus stage.

The ring’s purpose in the Sonic The Hedgehog movie is to teleport between different worlds. A smart way to include those while honoring the video games.


Sanic the Hedgehog/ The Blue Devil

In Green Hills, the only resident who has seen Sonic is Crazy Carl. He uses a sketch to show people how the blue devil “Sonic” looks like. For fans, this sketch (named Sanic The Hedgehog) will look very familiar. It’s based on a sketch uploaded by a YouTuber Onyxheart and became one of the most popular sonic memes on the web.

Blue Devil, the name that Crazy Carl gave him, is a reference to Sonic’s race car in Sonic Drift 2, which name was actually Blue Devil.

For his part, Sonic prefers to call himself the “Blue Blur,” referencing a fan-made videogame.


Doctor Robotnik/ Eggman

Sonic’s main villain in the games is Dr. Robotnik. In the Sonic The Hedgehog movie, he is played by Jim Carrey. His first introduction was in a black outfit, but later on, he wears a red costume, which highly resembles the red suit of the game.

Sonic calls Robotnik, “Dr. Eggman.” This easter egg refers to the original release of Sonic the Hedgehog, where he was named Dr. Eggman. The name eventually got translated to Dr. Robotnik for the English releases. In 1998’s Sonic Adventure, other characters started to nickname him “Eggman” again.

Men In Black

Dr. Robotnik with other men around dressed in black interrogates Tom’s friend. He compares them to the Men In Black.

Which is funny, because Men In Black is a government organization investing all alien matters, which is precisely the same situation as in Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

The only difference is that he will be able to keep his memories, unlike anybody who encounters the Men In Black.


Chili Dogs

Another easter egg in the Sonic The Hedgehog movies is that he loves chili dogs. Firstly introduced in Archie Comics’ Sonic series, and made its way to the animated series as well.

In 2008, the chili dogs got incorporated into the games and had remained Sonic’s favorite food ever since.

A Quicksilver Scene/ Homage

In the X-film: Days of Future Past, we got our introduction to Quicksilver.

The most mesmerizing scene is the one where he slows everything done to create chaos. They also used this technique in future films of X-men.

Sonic The Hedgehog borrows of that idea, and create their own slow-down scene in the pub fights.

Gotta Go Fast!

When Sonic wakes up after being unconscious, his first words were “Gotta go fast.” This is Sonic’s famous motto.


Sonic’s Racecar Bed

At the end of Sonic The Hedgehog movie, he gets his own place in Tom’s house.

In his new room, the racecar bed is also an easter egg. This comes from the comics, where its also his bed.

Sonic tails


If you sat and wait for the mid-credit scene, then you saw Tails introduction. He is the most popular member of Sonic’s supporting characters.

1992, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 introduced Tails as player 2. He got the ability to fly in the third game in 1994.

These were the easter eggs of the Sonic The Hedgehog movies. Were there any others? Let me know in the comment section down below.