Movie Plot – April 6th, 1917, World War I. Two soldiers are assigned to deliver a message that will stop 1,600 men from walking into a deadly trap. Lance Corporal Blak and Schofield are on their own racing against time to complete their missions.

Director: Sam Mendes
Writers: Sam Mendes, Krysty Wilson-Cairns
Cast: Dean-Charles Chapman, George MacKay, Daniel Mays

1917 War Movie has great cinematography

The strength of “1917” lies in its cinematics and not in its story.

The plot is simple, they have to deliver a message, and one of them has a brother in the other group. That’s about it.

Why is this movie so praised? 

Sam Mendes crafted this movie so beautifully that it feels like you are in it.

Everything is filmed in a one-shot feel. Sometimes you can guess where the filmmakers cut themself out. As this isn’t really filmed in one go because that would have been impossible.

The filming isn’t lousy. It’s not that they’re filming everything while following someone’s shoulder. No, the camera really zooms out a couple of times, giving us a better view. It even made me wonder how some scenes were filmed.

This war movie is definitely an excellent achievement.

There were also lots of shots in 1917 that were beautiful to see. Notably, the ones at night-time.

1917 War Movie

Surviving World War I

The one-shot filming makes you feel like you are in it. Sometimes it’s like you’re the third man following the two soldiers.

And nothing goes according to plan. It’s like Schofield and Blake are getting everything that could go wrong. Every time they go somewhere, it’s nerve-wracking because you don’t know what to expect.

 You feel like you are never safe and just trying to survive to get to the other group. 

This made the movie 1917 really intense. I even noticed how hearing the breathing increased intensity. You can listen to it when the two soldiers have to walk through a field while being stealthy. It will keep your eyes open.


If you haven’t seen “1917” on a big screen, I would recommend that you book a ticket right now. Otherwise, you’re missing out on the experience.

Great cinematography is made to been seen in a theatre for the full experience.