Movie Plot – Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic is a small, blue, fast hedgehog. -When an evil genius named Dr. Robotnik hunts him, he goes to a local sheriff for help.

As most people know, Sonic is Sega’s most iconic video game character.

Director: Jeff Fowler
Writers: Patrick Casey, Josh Miller,
Cast: Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Jim Carrey

Sonic’s redesign

I have to thank the filmmakers for listening to their fans. A lot of us didn’t like the initial design of Sonic. It was like they were aiming at a more realistic approach to Sonic.

The new one is more cartoonish, but it looks like the real one.

I couldn’t see the first design go well with the tone of the movie, especially with Jim Carrey in it. His character feels cartoonish, so the new design was the right fit for this film. If they hadn’t changed it, this would not have worked.

You can tell that the filmmakers cared about this project.

Ben Schwartz as Sonic

This guy is cast perfectly for the role.

Ben Schwartz voicing Sonic makes him feel fun, trustable, friendly, and innocent. Exactly what we need! He sounds like he could be your pal.

Sonic The Hedgehog is aimed at a younger audience. The tone of the film is very kid-friendly. Sometimes I even rolled my eyes at some jokes, but those were small insignificant moments.

The movie is very Sonic-centered, which is a good thing. You also had his buddy Tom Wachowski played by James Marsden, who is a sheriff in the small town of Green Hills. He is okay in the movie, but I did not care about him. I came to see Sonic!

I don’t see anyone leaving the theatre by being disappointed by the portrayal of Sonic.

There is also a scene that is gonna feel familiar if you have seen the Quicksilver scenes of X-men. Yes, this film borrowed the idea of X-men, and I totally understand the decision. It is still clever and funny to show us his speed.

Also, there a lot of Easter eggs in this film.

Jim Carrey Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Jim Carrey as we know him

He plays Dr. Robotnik as we know him to be the main villain of the Sonic’s franchise. His goal is to capture Sonic with his machines to do some research to steal his powers.

It’s great to see Jim Carrey in such a role. If you were a fan of him in the ’90s. Then get ready for over-the-top acting the way that only he can do it. You can clearly see that he is enjoying himself.

In this film, you have to accept many things that are put aside.

Dr. Robotnik gets a free pass to do what he wants. He can blow up anything, and that is okay in this movie. Even Tom Wachowski was announced to be a terrorist on tv, but it was only for the sake of increasing tension. Later on, it got trashed and forgotten.

Well, I don’t take this seriously as this a children’s movie.


The Sonic The Hedgehog movie is a fun time if you’re a Sonic fan. It’s also a perfect family movie.

If you are not a fan of the franchise, you may be leaving the theatre disappointed. Although I am sure that most who will see it are fans of this iconic sega character.

3 stars