Movie Plot – The Hunt (2020): some rich people are hunting on people for sports. The victims wake up on a strange clearing without knowing where they are. The people behind it chose them for a specific reason: The Hunt.

Director: Craig Zobel
Writers: Nick Cuse, Damon Lindelof
Cast: Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz, Wayne Duvall

The Hunt Movie (2020) knows how to introduce a strong female character

Finally, a movie with an impressive female lead that does not need to tell us women can be powerful too. One of my biggest complaints today about the movie industry is that they force the PC rules upon us.

Do not get me wrong. I’m all for equality. But lately, I feel that some movies have to scream out loud, “Women are strong.” And sometimes, they even portray the men as “bad.” I understand the movie industry does it for good reasons. Although this may be true, they can take notes on how to do it.

The Hunt has a badass lead, Betty Gilpin, and never had she to tell us that women are strong. Instead, her actions did the talking. After all, action speaks louder than words. In addition, the film makes fun of the political divide, which I thought was great.

From the moment Betty Gilpin is on the screen, she shows us who’s the boss. And, just like that, you instantly label her as a kick-ass woman. I really enjoyed her character. Above that, her acting is great.

Betty Gilpin in The Hunt

Much more enjoyable than expected

The premise may look like a scary horror movie, but on the contrary, it’s a funny movie. Not only is The Hunt hilarious, but it’s also entertaining. Well, don’t be mistaken, it is still somewhat glory.

Right from the start, the film makes you wonder where the plot is going to go. I did not even know who was the main character when I’ve put on the film. On the other hand, I was glad that I didn’t know. Instead, it took me by surprise.

Toward the middle, the laugh-out-loud moments are further and further apart, but still, give you a good time. Otherwise, this would have been a comedy movie.

Don’t be surprised, The Hunt (2020) is a satire movie

My reason number one to see this film for some entertaining. But on top of that, The Hunt also delivers a social message about our Political divide.

Many people consider this film to be controversial. Not only because of the shooting on people but also you have the left hunting the right.

And if you would think the hunters are the only bad guys, they’re not. Every side sees themselves superior by saying which one is the best. In reality, both sides are neither better. Except for Gilpin character Crystal, who represents the middle. The film takes shots on both sides of the political spectrum.

Some people will be offended by its dark humor. The Hunt (2020) is not afraid to make fun of some people’s personal beliefs. Personally, I enjoy dark humor because I don’t really see the harm in it. The movie makes fun about both sides, so we people have to loosen up more.

Finally, a movie with some balls. You can still view this film without caring about its message, as it’s still highly entertaining.


The Hunt is a pleasant surprise of 2020. It’s wild, fun, and entertaining, and not to forget controversial. I would definitely recommend, it’s worth watching.


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four stars