Movie Plot – The Platform: A colossal prison with many levels. On each level, there are two people. Once a day, a platform with food comes down, starting from the top. Every cell has two minutes per day to feed themselves.

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia
Writers: David Desola, Pedro Rivero
Stars: Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, Antonia San Juan

The Rules of the Platform

The plot is relatively simple, a platform comes down, and every cell has two minutes to feed themselves. People of the top have more food to chose off, while people of the bottom will have nothing left anymore.

There are three rules in this prison:

  1. Each prisoner can bring one item into the prison. (It can be anything, even a pet)
  2. No food can be kept from the Platform. Otherwise, the cell will be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures.
  3. The prisoners move to a different level, monthly

Well, maybe there are four rules, as you have to tell them your favorite food.

From the start, you’re trying to guess how many levels there are. With every cell change, it kept me guessing.

The face of humanity

The rules may sound basic, but the film is so interesting to see how we, as a human, would react to an environment like this.

The Platform brings us deep into the greed and selfishness of humans. It’s like every man is in there for themselves. People from the top would eat as much as they can, while not caring about the people under them.

You have to fight to survive, and some people commit suicide due to the Platform’s twisted concept.

When the Platform reaches level 100, almost no food is left, where the lower cells are starving. If you’re unlucky, you can be twice on a lower level and be left without food. It really dehumanizes us.

Some people do want to change the system, but how do you want to change something when you need everyone on board. People above are harder to persuade than people from the bottom.

The main character, Goreng, is someone who is a nice person that is trying to change the system. The circumstances he’s in, force him to do things he probably doesn’t want to do. The Platform shows us how people with good standards can fall hard.

I love it when a movie can bring a good concept reflecting on our society in a very well-executed film.


I would recommend everyone to watch “The Platform.”  This movie is out of this world in many ways. The directing and acting are fabulous, and the “message” is powerful.

4.5 stars