Movie Plot – Greyhound: A few months after the beginning of the Second World War, an inexperienced commander of the U.S. Navy has to lead an allied convoy stalked by a German submarine wolf pack.

Director: Aaron Schneider
Writer: Tom Hanks
Cast: Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, Stephen Graham

Greyhound is a spectacular water fight with Tom Hanks

Ernest Krause is an American lieutenant born in Germany. He leads an international convoy of thirty-seven warships. During the course, Krause will have to overcome his inner doubts and personal problems in order to lead himself and his crew through the battle. It is up to the captain to cross the Atlantic Ocean, under the constant pressure of hostile German submarines.

The battles actually go on non-stop. There are a few moments of rest. It is striking that this film has little to tell: apart from the unintelligible code language shouted by Hanks and the crew, the storylines are very thin.

Although I don’t always understand what’s going on, the action is very exciting. And it’s hard to follow because they use so many technical terms that hardly anyone knows. Also, the battles can feel kind of repetitive.

Fighting like a group

A fight with a submarine, boat, or another kind of ship is incomparable to a land fight. On a ship, you should not fight as an individual, but really as a group. Everyone is counting on each other. Because when it comes down to being defeated, they all sink into the water together, which means the end for everyone.

The film is essentially a character study of the strict but honest Krause (Hanks). The film portrays a first captain struggling with doubts about his ability to keep his crew alive. Tom Hanks, like always, knows how to deliver that. On the other hand, if it weren’t for him, I probably wouldn’t care for the character. On top of that, he also wrote the screenwriting for this film.

From the moment the Greyhound (name of the ship) first meets the enemy, the men on board become a rattling collective instead of a group of individuals. That’s what the film is all about.


War fanatics may enjoy Greyhound, others will find this an average film with little to it. The only reason why I did enjoy this movie is that I like to see Tom Hanks in movies.