Movie Plot – The Christmas Chronicles: Kate and Teddy Pierce try to catch Santa Claus in front of the camera on Christmas Eve. That turns into an unexpected journey that most children could only dream of.

Director: Clay Kaytis
Writers: Matt Lieberman, David Guggenheim
Cast: Kurt Russell, Darby Camp, Judah Lewis

A fun Christmas Story

This film has a high feel-good content. It’s not a Christmas movie with romance and clichés, but one with a beautiful story about a brother and sister who normally only quarrel, but now find a way to work together and save Christmas.

Before all that, their father decorated the house in the most magical way. You know how it goes, right? Christmas lights everywhere, a beautiful tree, and some happy family moments. Every year, they filmed a part of their Christmas day. Sadly enough, he passed away and won’t be there this time.

Of course, there are some clichés in it because Christmas has to be saved, and everything goes wrong before it gets right. There are reindeer, elves, and a broken sled. Still, this film is both in terms of story and graphically beautiful.

Kurt Russel as Santa Claus

Kurt Russel puts down a Santa Claus with a lot of humor and up-to-date jokes and statements. Of course, Mr. Claus knows everyone by name, but apart from that, he has also kept a close eye on the news from the North Pole. That makes this role a lot of fun.

Honestly, who better to play Santa then Kurt Russel. That’s what I call perfect casting. On top of that, he also looks fantastical in his outfit with the big red coat.

He plays Santa in his own unique way. This Santa is a bit rock ‘n’ roll and at the same time arrogant and modest. The kids are well cast, but this headstrong Santa Claus still carries the film. The Christmas Chronicles manages to create a delicious, American, sweet, and juicy Christmas atmosphere. The film is filled with Christmas carols and is therefore ideal for crawling on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. Although many Christmas movies are released every year, and the theme is pretty much milked out, The Christmas Chronicles knows how to create a great plot. It’s full of adventure and excitement, and all the Christmas madness passes by. Kate and Teddy have to look for the bag of presents, the reindeer are lost, and they also have to enlist the help of Santa’s helpers. All this is accompanied by a little bit of action, but most of all a lot of humor.

One of the great Christmas movies

Darby Camp & Oliver Hudson made a strong debut on Netflix, and the dialogs & situations also caused the occasional smile on my lips. In addition, they even created an emotional moment that grabbed me. It’s one of the better Christmas movies I’ve seen on Netflix and also in recent years on television. And especially in Christmas movies where Santa Claus is involved and everything is magical. Last year, I had seen Klaus, for example, which I also loved, but I really preferred The Christmas Chronicles. And, by a lot.

Next week there will even be part two! I’m curious, but I’m also on my guard. Sequels aren’t always what we hope for, but let’s pray it is as good.


This movie doesn’t need a lot of words for a certain reason. It’s been a long time since a Christmas movie has been such a gem as The Christmas Chronicles. Wonderful movie!