Movie Plot – The Santa Clause: When a man accidentally drops Santa Claus off his roof on Christmas Eve, he is magically recruited to take his place.

Director: John Pasquin
Writers: Leo Benvenuti, Steve Rudnick
Cast: Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson

Tim Allen’s breakthrough

The Santa Clause’ was Tim Allen’s big breakthrough. The Christmas atmosphere in the film is incredible. . Especially because everything revolves around ‘believing’ and ‘being a child again’ contributes to the whole experience.

The acting performance is quite good. All the characters in ‘The Santa Clause’ are pretty convincing. The only downside is that everything is rather exaggerated. Tim Allen, may be over it at times, but he remains great in his role. I think he’s wonderful to watch. As I said, it may be exaggerated at times, but the film is mainly meant for the young audience. From that perspective, it is acceptable.

Christmas Spirit

The Santa Clause’ tries to give the viewer a real Christmas atmosphere. When the clich├ęs are ignored and you don’t expect too much of it, this is indeed, as Disney always emphasizes, a film that can be watched with the whole family. Even as an adult it is a nice movie to get rid of all the stress around this hectic period.

A very strong point of the film is the atmosphere it creates. The music is well chosen and adds a lot of sentiment; it supports the film in an amazingly good way. The locations have also been carefully selected and the decor adds a lot of value. Moreover, the special effects let the fairy-like really come to life. Well, don’t expect too much from the effects, as it’s still a product from its time.

Although the storyline is not bad, it is quite predictable. Actually, as a viewer, you know from the beginning how the whole movie is going to go. Still, this simplicity is good for the younger audience. It allows them to empathize with the characters and the story is easy to follow. However, the beginning could have started a bit faster and also in the middle of the film the pace sometimes drops a bit. Fortunately, it does come back during the finale, where it is certainly necessary to be able to convince.


The Santa Clause is a fun Christmas movie to watch with the whole family.