It’s almost Christmas! It’s the most wonderful time of the year where you can spend time with your family while enjoying a lot of food.

As soon as everyone has eaten his or her belly full and all the games are finished, it is of course, time for a fun Christmas movie. There are a lot of new Christmas movies out this year, but there are also classics that are worth watching again. And sometimes, you just need the best Christmas movie out there.

So, I’ve decided to make a top 10 Christmas Movies List. Of course, this is my personal list.

Top 10 Christmas Movies

10. Love Actually

I would never have thought that a romantic comedy would make my list, but it does have a small place in my heart.

It follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives. That is all connected in different loose stories.. Of course, they all play during a hectic month before Christmas in London, England.

Also, it has a solid cast with a lot of famous faces like Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Andrew Lincoln and Colin Firth.

9. The Polar Express

I really need to re-watch this movie because I don’t remember much about it. After all, I’ve only seen this film once. This probably would have been higher on my list, if I did remember.

This film is still on the list because I remember that it was a really beautiful film. Also, I wasn’t sold on the trailers because I was wary of the choice of animation style. This was also the case for the Lego films, but these ones surprised me. And that was also the case with The Polar Express. I know they’re both completely different movies, but what I meant is: sometimes particular animation styles can throw you off, but once you see the film, it’s actually amazing. So give it a shot!

Also, this film won prizes. That should say enough about how good it is.

8. Klaus

There are many reasons to watch Klaus. However, not everyone is a fan of this film. The animation is fantastic, and I truly love this style. In addition, it’s an origin story for Santa Claus. Of course, this in its own way. You may not expect it, but it all starts out with a mailman.

Jesper’s father is a wealthy businessman and the boss of a postal company. Because of this, Jesper’s life consists of luxury and laziness, and everything is done for him. After his father sends him away to become a mailman from Smeerensburg, his character development starts. Slowly but surely, he has to realize that life does not consist of money, power, or riches, but that real happiness is only possible with a purpose in your life. Together with Mr. Klaus, who lives in the middle of the mountains, they will discover how much joy you can spread with love, a gift, or a helping hand.

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7. The Santa Clause

Tim Allen is one of those actors that I will never be tired of seeing. On top of that, ‘The Santa Clause’ was his big breakthrough.

The film is typically American in every way: a lot of sentiment and also a lot of clichés. The Christmas atmosphere in the film fits in seamlessly with this. Still, this benefits the film; the exaggeration with which everything is depicted does give the viewer the feeling of being presented with the ultimate Christmas film. Especially in a film where everything revolves around ‘believing’ and ‘being a child again’ contributes to the whole experience.

6. Elf

Innocence. Christmas spirit. In the North Pole, where the elves make presents for Santa Claus, there are three commandments: 1: “treat every day as a Christmas Day,” 2: “on the good people list is room for everyone” and 3: “the best way to share Christmas cheer is to sing with loud throats.” Buddy ends up in New York as a thirty-year-old adult, raised between elves and raised according to the three elven commandments. Like a great child, he happily makes his way in the world of money, power, haste, lack of attention, disappointment, shame, and more of those things that modern Western man does to himself. His attitude has a disarming effect, on everyone he meets and also on the viewers at home.

Will Ferrell is perfect as a Buddy, who is innocence himself and knows how to light everyone around him with his good mood, his casualness and cheerful shamelessness.

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5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

In case you need a nice movie at Christmas and a little Halloween that is beautiful and unique? Then I can highly recommend The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.

I think the story is original, and it is different from all the other Christmas stories/movies that are already out there. Everything looks dark in this movie, but the story is definitely not that dark. It is warm and loving. I find the music to be very successful in this movie. The songs will stay in your head and won’t go out for a while.

And the beautiful stop-motion is the perfect way to play The Nightmare Before Christmas. It makes the movie more mysterious and gives exactly the atmosphere this movie needs.

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4. Die Hard

When you think of Christmas movies, you probably don’t immediately think of Die Hard. Still, for me, it’s a real Christmas classic.

The whole film is actually only set in that one building. This puts a lot of pressure on the two main characters, John McClane (Bruce Willis) and Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), who wear the film more or less. But this is precisely where the power of the film lies. The two opponents complement each other perfectly. The splashing dialogues also help, of course.

And yes, this all takes place during Christmas!

3. The Christmas Chronicles

This is actually the most recent movie on this list. And what a beautiful Christmas movie this is. I liked it so much that it’s so high on my list.

It feels good as a typical Christmas movie where everything is magical, and where Santa Claus is also present, played by Kurt Russel.

In The Christmas Chronicles, we follow Teddy and Kate Pierce. Once they loved each other as brother and sister, but since the death of their father, the bonds in the family are under pressure. On the evening before Christmas, Teddy is forced to look after his sister Kate. Together they come up with a plan, namely to wait and film Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Kate wants to prove that Santa Claus really exists, and Teddy thinks that’s nonsense. Of course, this plan does not go as expected…

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2. Gremlins

Gremlins is one of the best classic horror comedies out there! And it all takes place during Christmas.

You know the story! A man looks for a present for his son and finds a sweet little animal in Chinatown. However, there are three rules he has to follow: no water, no food after midnight, and no bright light. However, when the creature, because his son doesn’t pay attention, starts to grow green Gremlins, all hell breaks loose during Christmas.

Gizmo, the little Mogwai, always steals my heart when I see him on screen. He’s so damn cute!

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1. Home alone

Of course, this classic cannot be missing from the list. A list without Home Alone, is simply outrageous. The famous story of the parents who forgot their son Kevin at home. In addition, two burglars try to break in.

The second movie is also worth seeing, so you can combine both movies perfectly. However, the first remains my favorite and the winner of my top 10 Christmas movies of all time.

I’ve watched this film plenty of times when I was a kid. And I still re-watch it from time to time during Christmas time!