Most movies are watched purely for entertainment. It’s a moment where we can all relax and just watch something we love. On some occasions, films can be more than pure entertainment. They can shape how you perceive life and inspire or even motivate you.

Personally, I try to get influenced by positive vibes in real life and sometimes even by movies or fictional characters. One, for example, is my favorite superhero, Batman. Not because he’s incredible, but the way he perceives human lives. For example, he believes every life is worth saving, and there is something magical about that. Well, that’s the case in the comics.

Now, this post is more personal as I’m going to write about quotes, characters, or perceptions that had an impact on my life experience.

Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Let’s start with the character that inspired me the most: Batman. I know he isn’t real, but what he stands for is what is essential here. There are many moments in this trilogy that gave me some inspiration. One of the most memorable quotes for me is:

It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.

Batman Begins

Like many, we all want so much in life, and often we say stuff like “I wanna be this, or that, or whatsoever.” However, like the quote say, it’s not who you are underneath or what you want to be that defines you. On the contrary, it’s the actions you take that ultimately define you.

Other moments that inspired me were Bruce Wayne climbing the pitt or that Batman’s symbol stands for Hope in the third film. There is so much to be inspired for; I totally love it!

Movie Review – Batman Begins


One of the latest movies that came out is Soul. Don’t read this part further if you haven’t watched the movie and you don’t want to read any spoilers.

I’m still amazed at how strong the message was from this particular animated movie. Of course, Pixar is known for their great film with a strong message. Besides writing movies, I’m also a dancer. Sometimes, I focus on so many things like writing, training, and other stuff that I actually forget to enjoy life. I like adventure, but sometimes I can lose myself in work. Soul reminded me that every second is worth living for. It’s about enjoying the simple stuff in life.

Movie Review – Soul

Rocky Balboa

Let’s be honest here. Rocky Balboa is probably one of the most inspiring characters for many men and women all around the world. Does it inspire me? Of course, it does. Since the first movie, it was all about how one lesser-known guy could be the greatest by the dedication and focus while still searching for his place in this life on earth.

He may not have won his first fight. However, that was never the point. Rocky just wanted to hold his own without giving up, and never was he knocked out as he always got up. Eventually, in the last Rocky Balboa movie, we got the famous quote:

It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.

Rocky Balboa

That quote summed up his life. Life always hits him hard. However, it didn’t matter how hard he got hit. He just stands back up and keeps moving forward. That’s what I call a true champ!

You Got Served

Well, this is a personal list, so some may be surprised with this choice. One of my greatest passion is dancing, specifically, breakdancing. You Got Served was the first dance movie I’ve seen in my life, and that inspired me to train more and to get better at it. The battles in the film inspired me to do battles myself.

Even Covid-19 can’t stop me from dancing, as I’m still training outside with some friends every single week.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The story follows Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller), a photo editor who works for LIFE Magazine. On a daily basis, he is harassed by his co-workers for constantly sitting at his desk daydreaming. This also keeps him from addressing the woman of his dreams, who also happens to work at LIFE Magazine (played by Kristen Wiig). Walter gets a chance to prove himself when the negative of an important photograph is lost, and he has to find it again. More importantly, he discovers how life can be an adventure.

I used to daydream a lot when I was younger. Well, I still do, and I love to discover new places. I’m not really a fan of revisiting places over and over again, but I rather discover new places every time. Life is too short to visit the same place, so I do my best to diversify. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty reminds me how the joy of life can be magnificent.

Jurassic Park

No, I did not become a scientist or archeologist. However, thanks to Jurassic Park, I love dinosaurs. When I was a kid, I used to be passionate about it and did some research. Now, I’m not like that kid anymore, but I still love to see dinosaurs on the big screen. It also influences my love for huge monster movies like Godzilla.

Movie Review – Jurassic Park


I added Spiderman to the list thanks to one amazing quote:

With great power comes great responsability

Uncle Ben

If bad stuff happens because you didn’t do anything, are you responsible for it? It’s a question that we can ask ourselves many times. However, we can’t take this too seriously either. Otherwise, you’ll have to donate your money to charities all the time without considering yourself. However, your actions can lead to great things but also horrible stuff if you don’t do it. It’s a quote to live by.

The Bucket List

Yeah, another movie about adventure.

When I’m old, I want to be able to look back on life and the stuff I did. The Bucket List is about two older men who are making a bucket list and actually doing the stuff on it before it’s too late. In my mind, it’s never too late to start your bucket list, even when you’re old.

I created my own bucket list, and from time to time, I check it. I use Evernote for my Bucket list, but also for other notes. It’s like a note app but online, and it’s really very useful.