Movie Plot – Gremlins: Billy receives an extraordinary little friendly creature called a Mogwai, which he named Gizmo. It was a gift from his dad for Christmas.

But there are three rules that he must follow:

  1. Keep them away from light.
  2. Don’t get them wet.
  3. Don’t feed them after midnight.

Especially rule number three, shouldn’t be broken! It’s like the following quote states:

But the most important rule, the rule you can never forget, no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs, never feed him after midnight

Director: Joe Dante
Writer: Chris Columbus
Cast: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton

Billy broke the rules!

Well, I’m going to warn you that there are spoilers ahead. But this is a classic, so 95% of you must have seen it by now.

Rule number 1: Keep them away from light

This one is crucial for their survival. Mogwai and Gremlins get hurt when light shines on them, and eventually, they can die from it.

When light shines on Gizmo, he goes all crazy, saying “bright light.” I don’t want to see him get hurt, but it’s super cute hearing him say it.

Here is a quick video:

Rule number 2: Don’t get them wet

Honestly, this is the rule that is hard to break if you’re a businessman. Getting a Mogwai/Gremlin wet causes them to multiply. Imagine all the profit someone can make!

After spilling some water on Gizmo, some hairballs popped out, and five new creatures came to existence. Out of those batch, Stripe seems to be the leader.

Rule number 3: Don’t feed them after midnight

The most important rule of them all!

When a Mogwai eats something after midnight, they turn into a Gremlin.

Gremlins are mean-spirited little monsters that turn everything upside-down. They look evil and scary, but also very funny.

I want a Gizmo!

For a movie that has been made in 1984, the special effects are amazing. I love how scary Gremlins look in a fun way, and also Gizmo is so adorable.

Right from the start, we can tell Gizmo has a good heart compared to the other five.

He separates himself from the rest, while the others are making some mischiefs in the house. Not wanting to be a part of their gang.

Although technically Gizmo is their creator, we cannot blame him. After all, it was Billy’s friend who accidentally poured water on him …

Gizmo is the cutest Mogwai out there. And yes, I want a Gizmo doll in my room because that is how cute he looks.

Gremlins (2)

Kingston Falls under the attack of the Gremlins

All hell breaks loose when Spike escapes the house. He starts creating other Gremlins, and end up having an army of his own.

Everywhere in the town, there were evil little monsters. And they were flipping cars over, breaking windows, harassing people, etc.

One of my favorite scenes was when they were singing a Christmas caroler song when an old lady opens the door.

I found myself giggling like a little kid.

These chaotic scenes were entertaining and funny at the same time.

No wonder this was a huge hit back in the days.


Joe Dante’s “Gremlins” will forever be a classic! It will still give you an amazing fun time.

The concept of Gremlins and Mogwai are very original. And face it, Gizmo is one of the cutest creatures in cinema history!

4 stars